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Recruiting & Sourcing

WiPjobs multilingual sourcing recruitment specialist is a new solution to match the right candidates with the right companies.

Unlike a classic recruitment agency, we do not only post positions online. We approach suitable people directly via social media and through different internet channels, that is why nowadays it is very important to be present online.
We understand recruitment and the challenges that our clients face in sourcing talents. As a sourcing organization, we tend to cooperate with our clients on long-term basis to ensure quality services and relations.

Thanks to a deep understanding of the job market, we are recognised as being adept at supplying candidates across many fields and we do not limit our research to Poland – being based online, our services have no borders.
Our goal is ensuring to match the right candidates with the right qualifications and experience for our clients.

Training for Recruiters

Nowadays if you wish to succeed in your career of HR or recruiter, you cannot be stuck in the past using old fashioned tools or ways of working.

The future is now and there is only one way to be successful which is to become a sourcing specialist, basically a combination of a recruiter and a social media specialist.
Yes, you understood correctly, we are also talking about social media.

Now, you are probably wondering: what is the connection between being a recruiter and a social media specialist?
Well, as today social media cover almost all our time, both free and working time, if you want to find more talented candidates without waiting for them to apply to the job offer you posted on job boards, you must have a deep knowledge of all the social media networks, tools and new techniques to go fishing where the fish hangs out.

Having experience in recruiting or HR field helps you when it comes to the interview part with the potential candidate, but what about how to find, attract, engage and convert them into a submittal.
We turn recruiters into sourcing specialist, providing you with a full training (which can also be handled online), teaching all the ways to use social media networks and how to get the best from them in order to enhance your pool of candidates.

Also, we will teach you the right tools to use for sourcing, how to turn around LinkedIn’s restrictions and contact people without having a premium account, how to use Facebook as a sourcing database, how to engage suitable candidates and how to attract them in your pool, how to find email addresses and phone numbers in order to approach them directly and, last but not least, we will provide you with effective strategies of sourcing already tested by our trainers with more than 2 years of experience in the field.

Yet, you will learn how to build your online/offline brand reputation and how to set up your social media profiles in order to be the first coming up in the organic search on LinkedIn or google.
You will also learn basic of graphic design which will lead you to get more visibility when you post on social media networks because we all know that images are more attractive than text contents.

After our training, you will be able to:

  • Use all the social media networks to find and recruit talents
  • Build your brand reputation and set your social media account in order to get the best from it in order to succeed in your career
  • Have a strong knowledge of the advanced technique of sourcing
  • Know all the social media where you can source from
  • Act the effective strategies already used from our experience trainers
  • Know the best tools that sourcing specialists are using and the people who influence most in this field
  •   Set social media strategies

For more info write to: socialmedia@wipjobs.com

Training for Recruiters


Do you Need to outsource you services?

If you are willing or you need to relocate part or all your business in Poland, we can manage it for you.

Social Media Strategies

WiPjobs boasts of having a brilliant Social media specialist team and thanks to them we are also able to provide either service of consulting or planning  social media strategies matching with your company product or the services you provide.

We can create the right strategy for any of the hundreds social media networks that currently exist all over the world, suggesting which is the most suitable for your business.
Setting up the strategy is only the first step as we will study, with you, the audience and the target you want to convert in order to create a community around your brand.
If you have lack of time or resources, we can take care of the content strategy and manage all the social media profiles for you.
Last but not least, we also provide PPC (pay per click) campaigns strategies in order to broad your brand awareness or to convert audience and make them take an action into your website.

Graphic & Web Design

A lot of companies and start-ups nowadays spend a lot of time in setting their internal structure and forget about the importance of some fundamental aspects such as graphic and web design.

Our experienced team can take care of these aspects contributing to grow your network and eventually lead you to the success of your brand.

We can provide graphic design materials, from the creation of an effective logo to run a proper advertising campaign online and offline. And this is not all as we can set up your website and create for you the SEO strategy in order to climb google organic search by using also the right keyword which will lead your website to the top page.

Event Organization

Our team has strong experience in Event organization and even management too.

Therefore if you need to organize an event for your company in Poland you can always rely on our experience.