The World Population Day – July 11th


July 11th is celebrated worldwide as World Population day! It dates from 1989 when our world population was considered pretty large: at the time there were 5 billion people living on our Mother Earth. In 2016, we have 6,4 billion “neighbours” around us and it could seem as if the whole planet was full but it is not. shows us that the world still has a lot of isolated places and today we would like to invite you to explore the most magical ones.


1. New Zealand’s South Island with its mountains and rainforests perfectly suitable for some extraordinary hiking.


World Population Day Rainforestvia

2. Jökulsárlón, Iceland with its unbelievable shades of blue.


Jökulsárlón World Population Dayvia

3. Watkins Glen, New York with its waters and rocks.


Watkins Glen World Population Dayvia

4. Lake Tahoe with its sun shining over.


Lake Tahoe World Population Dayvia

5. Wadi Rum, Jordan with its heat.


Wadi Rum World Population Dayvia

6. Yosemite with its forests (famous for sequoias!) and the wild feeling.


Yosemite World Population Dayvia

7. Patagonia Chile with its horizons and the sky laying on the mountains.


Patagonia World Population Dayvia

Take a look around yourself, there are plenty of amazing corners on this Earth, just be brave enough to go and discover its particularities! And grab a friend with you to share the moment because even though the Earth offers us amazing gifts, one of them is precisely its population. Let‘s enjoy ourselves!


Ruta Julija Simsonaite

Ruta Julija Simsonaite

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Ruta Julija Simsonaite

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